9 Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

If you were involved in a Car Accident, even if you believe it was minor, failure to see a Chiropractic specialist could result in chronic conditions that take months or years to heal, with the possibliity of your condition requiring additional medical treatment, and living with chronic pain.

Some people who are injured in even a minor accident do not even think to see a chiropractor. However, chiropractic care after a car accident may be the best solution for most people because it does not involve the use of drugs or surgery.

1. Injuries are not Always Obvious

Broken bones, lacerations, or bruising may be easy injuries to spot after a car accident. However, there are other injuries such as Whiplash and concussion that are not always apparent immediately following a car accident.

It could take hours or a few days to feel the symptoms of whiplash or a concussion.  Symptoms may include dizziness, headaches, soreness, or pain in the upper back and neck.

The best way to deal with a whiplash injury or a concussion is to catch it early on. This means, if you were involved in a car accident, do not wait to seek treatment until you feel pain.

Ignoring a potential injury can lead to long-term pain,  which is why it is essential to see a chiropractor immediately following your accident so they can properly diagnose your injuries and start you on a treatment plan before the pain takes over.

2. Reduces Inflammation

When you are involved in a car accident, micro-tears in the ligaments and muscles are a common injury, and unfortunately, an X-ray may not catch them.

These tears in the muscles are the main reason people wake up after a car crash in severe pain wondering what is wrong because their X-rays looked normal.

Chiropractic care will use spinal manipulations to realign the spinal cord, helping your body to release an anti-inflammatory that will reduce inflammation and pain symptoms in the body.

3. Non-Invasive Treatment

Waiting too long after a car accident to seek treatment may leave you with surgery as the only option for recovery. However, when you find immediate medical attention, chiropractic care is an excellent alternative to surgery.

Most people do not want surgery, and it should be your very last resort.  Taking advantage of access to chiropractic care is the best course of action.

The non-invasive chiropractic adjustments realign the spine and joints significantly reducing pain and promote healing without the need for surgery.

4. Reduces Scar Tissue

Scar tissue can develop on the muscles inside the body after a car accident injury occurs. This tissue will cause the victim to feel uncomfortable and stiff.

A chiropractic doctor can specifically target the damaged areas, breaking up the scar tissue faster than just letting it heal on its own.

This will ensure that the injured person feels better and heals properly at a much faster rate then if they avoid treatment altogether.

5. Pain Relief Without the Use of Drugs

Many people that are involved in a car accident may resort to pain medications as a “quick fix” for immediate relief of the pain.

Pain meds may help them feel better for a short period.  However, drugs only mask the symptoms of injury.   They don’t actually heal the damage itself.

Pain relief medication can also be extremely addictive, and a lot of people think they will just take it until they feel better,  only to realize they do not want or cannot stop and when and if they do, withdrawal symptoms can occur.

Chiropractic care offers pain relief without the use of drugs or addictive medications. Chiropractic therapy also addresses the injury at the source of the problem, healing the injury itself and not just masking the pain.

6. Minimizes Pain Throughout the Entire Body

Chiropractic adjustments after a car accident are known to reduce pain in the entire body because of a pain-reducing hormone that is released during the spinal manipulations.

These hormones help the injured area that was affected after the accident to feel less painful as well as helping to improve other areas of the body that may have been feeling discomfort before the crash.

7. Avoid Long-Term Pain 

Minor car accident injuries can become serious long-term problems if the conditions are left untreated.

For example, symptoms of whiplash and a concussion can continue for years if you fail to seek proper medical care and can become a chronic condition that leads to emotional as well as physical anguish.

Seeking Chiropractic treatment immediately following your accident will help to avoid long-term, chronic pain conditions from developing. Your doctor will be able to diagnose and treat your injury before it has the chance to possibly manifest into a much larger problem.

8. Restores Range of Motion

If you suffer a neck or back injury in a car wreck, the inflammation that occurs can cause even more problems. Your blood and nutrients will not be able to make to the areas they need to go because the inflammation will be slowing the healing process.

When you receive a chiropractic adjustment, it will mobilize your spine, restoring range of motion and allowing the body to begin the natural healing process at a much faster rate.

9. Improves your Chances of Making a Successful Claim

If you were injured in a car accident that was caused by another person’s negligence, seeking chiropractic care after your accident will improve your chance at receiving the compensation you may deserve.

When your accident injury is determined to be caused by someone else, it will be up to that person’s insurance company to pay for your medical treatment. However, you will need to seek medical attention immediately after the accident.  Otherwise you risk the chance of having your claim be denied.

Q and A for Chiropractic Care after a car accident

Dr. Janice Cruz works with a large network of specialists to help you recover from a car accident.  If you contacted an attorney after the accident, your attorney can refer you to Dr. Cruz to treat your injury on lien, which means payment will be made out of the settlement of your personal injury case allowing you to focus on recovery and reduce the worry associated with a financial burden. Dr. Cruz has a long history of working with personal injury attorneys and will provide them the proper documentation, evaluation, necessary diagnostic testing and follow up to help them guide your personal injury case through to a successful outcome.

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